AACR Annual Meeting Chicago 2018

Our leadership team is attending this year’s annual AACR Meeting in Chicago from 14th – 18th April. Karma Oncology understands how vital it is to keep up to date with the dynamic scientific advances in the field of cancer and how integral knowledge and learning is to any business or professional within the oncology field. Our leadership team is excited to be part of this major international conference and learning from world renowed oncologists and medical speakers. Karma Oncology’s leadership team will be arriving early in Chicago this year on Thursday 12th April to meet with partners and clients before diving into the talks and discussion at AACR.  If you would like to take advantage of our extended presence in Chicago, we would be happy to network and arrange a meeting with you! If you are interested in meeting or learning more about Karma Oncology, please contact Dr. Kara Kennedy (kara.kennedy@karmaoncology2.uk.w3pcloud.com). 

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