Karma Oncology

Karma Oncology is a specialized oncology clinical development company, working for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries globally. From the preparation of clinical development plans through design, set up, monitoring, management and reporting of clinical trials, Karma Oncology provides a bespoke service.


Individual Services or Full Service Global CRO Capabilities.


Novel Approaches to Save Sponsors Time and Money.


Adherence to Sponsor Timelines.


Lowest Turnover Rate in the Industry, <5% for CRAs, CTAs and Project Managers.


We offer the same team from start to finish of a project; there is no continual handover from one team to another

Simplified processes rather than multiple systems and processes save time and money without compromising quality.

We never forget that the study belongs to the sponsor.

Sponsor timelines are respected and adhered to.

Communication is key to a successful partnership.

Our CRAs are “professional” CRAs which provides stability

  • Karma Oncology will attend a number of events. If you wish to set up a meeting with us to hear more about our unique organisation and how our expertise in delivering oncology clinical trials can support your oncology portfolio, please contact; clinical@karmaoncology.com


Karma Oncology is very pleased to sponsor Harry Williams as he joins the First Aid Africa team. Harry will be volunteering for a month this year supporting the work of first aiders across Africa. He and his colleagues will be teaching communities in Africa lifesaving skills. We wish him and his colleagues well in their endeavours to help the people of Africa.

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French Research Tax Credit Approval

Karma Oncology was awarded the French Research Tax Credit approval in 2017 (renewed in 2020). This approval will help our existing and future clients in France to benefit from this R&D tax credit. Since Karma Oncology is listed as an “approved organization”, the French ministry will allow for significant refunds by any French R&D company on their spending on Karma Oncology services. The research tax credit is either deducted from annual corporate tax or reimbursed and is calculated based on the amount (“volume”) of R&D expenditure by the company in France.


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