Why Karma is the Right Choice

We believe in good Karma



We employ mature, career CRAs

  • Our CRAs are located in 20+ countries
  • They build and maintain good relationships with their sites which, in turn, improves the quality of the trial data
  • They are well-acquainted with country-specific regulations


We offer the same team of CRAs from start to finish on any particular project

  • We work with experienced, stable CRAs who are not looking for different career options
  • We have the lowest staff turnover in the industry: <5% annually
  • We promise consistency: for example, there are no handovers from a start-up team to a monitoring team during the study, and, barring life events, we endeavour to have the same team from start to finish


We are virtual which enables us to be flexible and agile

  • Our virtual business model allows us to be responsive and flexible in the execution and management of clinical trials
  • Most team members work from home to flex around time zone differences and can respond to questions at traditional non-working times


We believe that transparent communication is key to a successful partnership

  • Our CPM is your single point of contact
  • A dedicated Project Director is available at all times regardless of time differences
  • Our flat management structure ensures that you have direct access to senior personnel


We respect and work towards your timelines (not our internal timelines)

  • Study related delays can cost companies up to $7,000 per day, thus Karma is always mindful to adhere to Sponsor timelines


That’s a Karma promise